In Alchemy the White Tincture was a preparation which, as the alchemists believed, would change any baser metal into pure silver. It is also called the Stone of the Second Order, the Little Elixir, and the Little Magisterium. For me playing with fire, solid metal and delicate form of silver clay and adorning my works with the Mother Earth's jewels is a pure Alchemy. A little bit of magic here and a little bit of science there.

My main tools are my imagination and my hands. Due to the nature of materials I'm working with, I'm able to make everything from scratch. Metal clays are fantastic medium. They're consist of a very fine particles of silver or other metals (bronze,copper...), an organic binder and water. The combination of those three components is plasticne-like mass which can be shape in numerous ways. After the piece is designed and formed it have to be dried. During this process the water evaporates. Then the piece is burned, the organic binder is burned out and only pure fine silver is left. Besides the metal clay technique I use traditional jewelry making techniques such as soldering.

Most of my works are adorned with natural semi-precious and precious stones but I don't avoid other materials such as wood, natural bird feathers, enamels etc. In each of my works I put a piece of my heart and a pinch of magic, so they can give as much as possible joy to the owners.