About me

Joanna Wulkiewicz - Photo Since I can remember I have always loved to have busy hands. I've enjoyed molding modeling clay, knitting a simple scarves or simply doodling on a scratch of paper. And I've always loved jewelry. When I was a little girl I used to quietly sneak into my grandmother's bedroom, rummaging her jewelry cases and pull out a real treasures: crystals, glittering with colors of the rainbow, cold glass pearls and warm, rough ambers. Over the years my interests and taste have changed but I still have that little magpie inside of me. During my geographical studies I fell in love with diversity of forms created by Mother Nature, wonderful gifts of Earth such as precious and semi-precious stones. In that time the urge need of artistic expression began to rise once again in me. The thought that I might be creating jewelry have started to grow in my mind. At first I was playing with a simple strings of colorful beads, later with a little bit more complex projects and finally I've found a fantastic medium called metal clay. Then an ordinary hobby turned into the real passion.

Inexhaustible source of inspiration for my work is Mother Nature, all her gifts and perfect creations with which she surrounds us. I've always loved to spend my free time in outdoors and today I stil leave the city whenever I can, to give a brake to my soul and catch some positive energy for creative work in the next few days. Another thing that energize my imagination are old legends, myths and fairy tales, literature in general. A great source of inspiration for my projects are also my own dreams.

I'd love to invite You to cross the gates of my imagination and feast your eyes on my works. I'll continue to learn and improve myself in my workshop, so I could better capture the beauty of the Nature, dreams, emotions and a bit of magic...